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Understand what your team really means

Instantly generate, use and maintain a shared glossary that supports the development of your unique products

Works with: Polarion | Jama Connect | DOORS Next | Codebeamer | Confluence | Jira | Azure DevOps | Helix ALM | Most web-based Applications

How Glossaries Help Manage Complexity

Glossaries improve team communication, save time and prevent mistakes

What is a Glossary?

A glossary is a is a database of terms and their definitions in a particular domain of knowledge. In a complex product development, a glossary can prevent misunderstandings that can lead to delays, expensive rework and quality issues.

Problems with Glossaries

Nobody uses it
The Glossary exists as a document but nobody uses it.
Or even knows about it.
The Glossary is outdated and incomplete.
And nobody knows how to fix it.
Team Context
Every Team has slightly different terminology.
And the organization is a different story altogether.
Symbol Names
Your System uses Signal Names and Symbols.
Who can memorize thousands of acronyms?

Works where you do

Semiant works in very web application, because it integrates as a web browser extension. It provides contextual term definitions with a single click. AI-supported maintenance keeps it up to date.


Polarion (Siemens)

Jama Connect


Many more


Jira (Atlassian)

Azure DevOps (Microsoft)

CodeBeamer (PTC)

Many more


Confluence (Atlassian)



Many more

Poor quality requirements were our #1 product development cost driver!

Geoff Shuebrook, Corporate Advanced Engineering Practices MBSD IT&E Lead, Lockheed Martin

Product Features

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AI-Generated Glossary

  • Semiant can scan your specifications to find glossary terms
  • Fine-tune the glossary manually or augment it with imported terms
  • Run it anytime time

Seamless Tool Integration

  • Integrated into the browser to work with all of your existing web-based tools
  • Access definitions in context with a single click
  • Simple and Intuitive user interface
  • Works across tools

Easy Import & Data Integration

  • Import existing glossaries to be managed by Semiant
  • Connect Semiant to an existing database, repository or tool where you currently manage your glossaries

Collaborative Glossary Evolution

  • Add new terms with AI any time
  • Easy collaborative work on glossary and terms
  • Supports multiple definitions, inflections, synonyms and “forbidden terms”
  • Support for multiple glossaries that can be used concurrently

Cloud or On-Prem

  • Up and running within 5 minutes (Semiant Cloud)
  • On-prem available for enterprise users

More Skills Available

  • Semiant can also provide AI-based requirements quality check
  • Customer-specific capabilities possible
  • More “Skills” available soon
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