2021 Semiant Roadmap

By the end of this year we will build a solution that supports engineers building complex products that must comply with regulatory requirements.

We officially launched Semiant in July 2021. Semiant uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify key concepts found in your product specifications. From this, it produces an interactive glossary with traceability into your specification. This forms the basis for a solution that aligns language in your team and enables collaboration across departmental boundaries.

Roadmap Until the End of 2021

By the end of this year we will finish building a solution that supports engineers building complex products that must comply with regulatory requirements. Semiant will analyze thousands of pages of standards and related documents and summarize the relevant parts to give practitioners contextualized insights. This will accelerate your team’s work, improve the quality and reduce the risk of missing an audit or to receive contractual penalties.

Summarize relevant passages from standards or applicable documents


We launched our demonstrator in July and are actively looking for feedback. Please contact us to join the program.

July 2021


The demonstrator is a “proof of concept” that allows you to evaluate our technology. You can upload a specification and inspect the resulting glossary.

July 2021

August 2021

Web Browser Extension

The browser extension gives you access to your glossary on any web page: Jira, Zendesk, Jama, you name it.

August 2021

Winter 2021/22


To be valuable in a production environment, we will integrate Semiant with Confluence. This will provide you with an always up to date Glossary for you team.

Winter 2021/22

Spring 2022

Related Information Aggregation

Imagine you have thousands of pages of related documents and standards. You provide a requirement or some text as a starting point, and Semiant will give you summaries of all relevant sections from those documents.

Spring 2022

Roadmap Beyond

We have many ideas on how Semiant can assist practitioners in product development and enable organizational alignment. If you are interested to hear what’s possible, or if you have specific needs that Semiant could address, let’s have a conversation.

We encourage our users to help us shape the future of Semiant. Please join the program so that we can take your feedback into account.