CTO / Technical Team Leader / Engineering Manager for an NLP-based B2B SaaS start-up (f/m/d)


We are looking for an experienced person to join our development team who is smarter than we are: We would like you on the team to learn from you, and so that you can help us to grow rapidly.

Our founding team has significant software development experience. But we need someone to take over, so that we can focus on the business aspects. That’s why we know that we first need a seasoned professional, before hiring less senior team members.

We have a lightweight, agile approach. But we don’t take this as an excuse to not write down requirements or skip testing. Do you remember the Joel Test? Yes, it’s outdated, but we strive to achieve what it intends: Creating the best working conditions for our software development team.

You have the opportunity to join a start-up at an early stage and to shape and influence the product that we are about to create. In fact, we hope that you will grow with us.

Technology Stack

If you are the person we’re looking for, then you want to know what technologies we use:

  • Vanilla Docker / Kubernetes / Helm (we expect half of our customers to deploy on-premise, so we need to stay generic)
  • Vue.js and JavaScript / Typescript for the front end
  • Python 3 / Flask / MongoDB for the back end (dispatching requests, etc.).
  • Java / NLP4j, ClearNLP / OpenNLP for “Holmes”, which is the service that performs the requirements quality analysis
  • Python 3 / spaCy for the service that performs the glossary extraction

We use the “usual suspects” in our development ecosystem: Jira/Confluence, gitHub, gitLab, Jenkins, etc.

If you are wondering about some of the redundancies: We don’t like them, and hopefully you can help us remove them.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the team to create an environment for building a scalable, modern, customer focused product.
  • Evolve the architecture and the tech stack for the application.
  • Evolve our operations infrastructure and cloud deployment
  • Be hands-on, no matter whether coding, testing, setting up infrastructure, creating processes for DevOps or MLOps, etc.
  • Meet with customers to better understand the application of the software that you are developing.


  • At least 15 years of experience in medium sized development teams, ideally in a variety of roles
  • You spent many years programming. You still program (not necessarily full-time)
  • At least some leadership experience
  • Hands-on spirit and flexibility to do what needs to be done.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Either English or German fluently.
  • Experience with Machine Learning and/or NLP frameworks a plus
  • Experience with modeling languages (UML, SysML, etc.) a plus

What we would like to see

  • A portfolio of relevant work
  • A recent resume
  • A written statement why you would like to be part of the team.

What you get

For one thing, you get the thrill of joining a start-up super-early in the middle of a pandemic. But seriously, if you have entrepreneurial energy, this is the opportunity to be part of an exciting new venture, to participating in shaping it, contributing your ideas and talent, and, of course, to benefit directly from the company’s success.

Feel free to submit your salary expectation. We understand that a competitive salary is not sufficient, but a prerequisite. We will pay you what you are worth.

We are open to discussing equity (stock options).

Location, Travel & Language

We use English for internal communication. We are located in Düsseldorf and Munich, Germany. We welcome remote team members and will compensate this with regular on-sites. In fact, we expect that a significant part of the future workforce will be remote. However, we are open to paying for relocation (after a probation period).

How to apply

Send your application to info@formalmind.com