Glossary Partnerships

Semiant Partnership with invenio for Live Glossary Solution

With invenio, we built “Live Glossary”, an integrated solution consisting of services and tool that aligns your team’s language

Düsseldorf and Mannheim, October 10, 2022. Formal Mind GmbH and invenio Systems Engineering GmbH announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership. This allows them to offer an integrated solution for “Live Glossary” to their customers.

The offering is based on the Semiant Quality Assistant from Formal Mind, an AI-based software for analyzing textual requirements, combined with a professional services package, provided by invenio.

Our core business consist in building the best AI-powered product development assistant for our customers. Partnering with invenio ensures that our customers get professional services to guide them through the deployment process to maximize the usefulness of our software.

Dr. Michael Jastram, General Manager Formal Mind GmbH

In order to master complexity in product development, language alignment in teams is a key capability. In addition, the use of controlled vocabulary is often a regulatory requirement. To achieve this, our integrated solution provides you with “Live Glossary”. It is tailored to your team’s needs and aligns the language in your team with measurable results.

Our integrated solution consists of three steps: assessment, implementation and operation.

The assessment phase is lead by invenio to determine the customer’s maturity in requirements quality and to identify KPIs to measure success. In the implementation phase, Formal Mind tailors the Live Glossary engine based on the customer’s requirements. Both organizations collaborate in the operations phase to optimize the deployed system.

We believe that the customer requires our undivided attention. By relying on Formal Mind as a strong tool partner, we can focus on providing professional services, rather than software development.

Klaus Rödel, Manager Systems Engineering at invenio Systems Engineering GmbH

You can find more information on our Live Glossary solution on our product page.

Formal Mind GmbH bridges the gap between science and industry and provides consulting in MBSE, requirements and systems engineering. In addition, they distribute the Semiant Quality Assistant and

invenio Systems Engineering GmbH stands for modern engineering, innovations and technical solutions for your industry. In all phases of the engineering process, our roundabout 600 national employees at 11 locations throughout Germany have one goal: Your success.

Photo by Vardan Papikyan on Unsplash