Release History

Semiant is under active development. Find out what’s new in the latest release.

Browser Extension

3.8.3 (14-Feb-2024)

  • Complete refactoring of highlighting code, reducing risk of interference with web application.
  • Specifically optimized for Polarion highlighting
  • Immediately refreshes list of glossaries
  • Improved preference management for active Glossaries
  • Better guidance for new users
  • Page-scanning mode indicator now always visible
  • Link to term definition always visible, even for long terms
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

3.7.0 (14-Nov-2023)

  • AI Scan now with GPT-4
  • “Forbidden” Term support
  • Better merging of identical terms from different glossaries
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

3.6.1 (19-Oct-2023)

  • Better handling of changed skill configuration
  • Support for PTC Codebeamer
  • AI scan checkbox now show items that have not been inspected yet
  • AI scan sorting of terms

3.6.0 (28-Sep-2023)

  • Better tooltips: Change in underlying architecture allows us to generate tooltips that will look great in any web application
  • Formatted Text everywhere, including in tooltips
  • Improved workflow for adding AI-generated terms to a glossary
  • Bug Fixes

3.5.0 (21-Sep-2023)

  • New Skill: Dictionary-compatible Glossary
    • Multiple definitions per term
    • Formatted text (Markdown)
    • Inflection support
    • AI Term detection (GPT-3.5)
    • Bug fixes
    • UI improvements

3.4.0 (29-Aug-2023)

  • German quality check (paid only)
  • Automatic detection of authentication framework
  • Bug fixes

3.3.0 (30-Jun-2023)

  • GPT support (paid only)
  • RegEx Skill (paid only)
  • UI improvements (icons, etc.)
  • Bug fixes

3.2.0 (30-Mar-2023)

  • Allows changing of Glossary selection directly from sidepane
  • Jumps to dedicated page of web app for glossary terms
  • Remembers selected skill for each page after Semiant activation
  • Bug fixes

3.1.1 (20-Mar-2023)

  • Faster operation with Jama Connect
  • Removing superfluous content from options page
  • Handle edge cases on some website, making Semiant more universal
  • Bug fixes

3.0.1 (10-Mar-2023)

  • Reimplemenation of sidepane in a much more robust fashion
  • Sidepane UI now fully implemented with vuetify, creating a better user experience
  • Framework for more modulare skills
  • Incremental page scan with all skills

2.4.0 (15-Dec-2022)

  • Alignment with companion web application v2
  • Bug fixes

2.3.0 (30-Nov-2022)

  • Complete revision of Options page

2.2.0 (29-Nov-2022)

  • Changes in Options will now be reflected on sidebar without having to reload the page.
  • Bug fixes

2.1.0 (22-Nov-2022)

  • Revision of Options page. In particular:
    • Improved login flow
    • Ability to provide app URL, in addition to api URL

2.0.0 (21-Nov-2022)

  • Major release to switches authentication from token-based to cookie-based

1.7.0 (08-Sep-2022)

  • More specific quality checking for DOORS Next
  • Bug Fixes

1.6.2 (23-Aug-2022)

  • New Feature: Vale Quality Check
  • More efficient Holmes Quality checker
  • Bug Fixes

1.5.2 (10-Aug-2022)

  • Optimized for DOORS Next
  • Holmes Quality checker now only checks visible text
  • Scrolling triggers checking of newly visible text
  • Paragraph styling to reflect checking status
  • Styling updated to prevent resizing
  • Bug Fixes

1.4.0 (07-Jun-2022)

  • Advanced Quality configuration
  • Bug fixes

1.3.0 (02-Jun-2022)

  • English weak word detection (beta)
  • More accurate identification of terms
  • Preventing accidental analysis abort
  • More visible Semiant tab when pushed to the side
  • Busy indicator on Semiant tab
  • Improving various error messages

1.2.0 (24-May-2022)

  • Fixed rendering in DOORS Next (ignoring iframes)
  • Improved guidance for new users

1.1.0 (21-May-2022)

  • Bug fixes and usability improvements

1.0.0 (20-May-2022)

  • Consistent skill management: Users can now configure the skills they want to use, while it is much easier for us to implement new skills.
  • Even with the pane hidden, a label now shows the active skill
  • Complete redesign of the options page. Clean separation of the configuration of the various skills.
  • Semiant server configuration allows using Semiant with a private-cloud.
  • Support for anonymous servers. This means that you do not need log in for on-prem installations.
  • Enabling of the Qualicen Holmes smell checker is possible. Please contact us if you are interested in this skill.
  • Adding Welcome Tab for new users
  • More specific content processing (ignoring menus, headlines, etc.)
  • Provide logout
  • Ready for internationalization and localization

0.9.0 (29-Sep-2021)

  • Hovering now shows a pop-up with glossary term details and ability to jump to the entry in the side pane
  • Preference page now shows confirmation on save
  • Style improvements
  • Bug fixes

0.8.0 (17-Aug-2021)

  • Each Glossary now has its own color
  • Visualization of used vs. unused terms as bar graph
  • Ability to select the glossaries that shall be used by the extension
  • Link to Options page
  • Bug fixes

0.7.1 (29-Jul-2021)

  • Bar graph with glossary statistics
  • “Show all” shows glossary terms that are not on the page
  • Color tagging of glossaries
  • Options page updated and accessible via side bar
  • Bug Fix: Interference with resolved

0.6.1 (06-Jul-2021)

First version of Browser Plugin, installable via developer mode

Web UI

2.8.1 (13-Feb-2024)

  • CSV Import for Glossaries, optimized for uploading large files
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

2.7.0 (30-Jan-2024)

  • Configuration of glossary skill migrated to web application (from browser extension options)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

2.6.0 (14-Nov-2023)

  • Support for “Forbidden Terms”
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

2.5.1 (16-Oct-2023)

  • Email verification workflow implemented
  • Updated copy
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

2.4.1 (20-Sep-2023)

  • New skill: Dictionary-compatible glossary
  • Improved modularization of skills

2.3.2 (13-Jul-2023)

  • Glossary pattern definition (regex)
  • Enabling of individual skills for users
  • Welcome page improvements
  • Bug fixes

2.3.1 (15-May-2023)

  • Dedicated admin area
  • License management
  • Attribute table for glossaries
  • CSV import of glossary terms

2.2.0 (30-Mar-2023)

  • Glossary terms is now using pagination, which will speed it up for large glossaries
  • As-you-type search
  • Introducing dedicated page for glossary terms

2.1.0 (6-Jan-2023)

  • Version 2 is now using the vuetify UI framework, resulting in a more consistent and better user experience.

Semiant Server