Semiant Has Many Skills

Semiant currently has 3 skills and we will add more over time.
We will custom-build new skills for you.

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Glossary Extraction & Highlighting

This Semiant Skill will read your specifications with AI to extract glossary terms. It highlights those glossary terms in your favorite requirements management or ALM tool. Log in to use for free.

Semiant Glossary Highlighting activated in Jama Connect. The term “collar” is highlighted, a tool tip shows the definition when hovering over the term with the mouse.

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Vale Quality Engine

This Semiant Skill uses the library vale to identify issues that you should not use in technical specifications. It highlights weak words in your favorite requirements management or ALM tool. No login required.

Semiant Weak Word Detection activated in Confluence. Hovering over the weak word provides more information.

Not the Semiant Skill You Were Looking For?

Does the idea of Semiant resonate with you? Being able to automate mundane tasks in any web application? But you don’t see the skill you are looking?

Don’t worry: Semiant is a platform solution that works with modular skills, as shown in the following figure:

Semiant has a modular architecture. Available skills can be activated as needed. We grow the library of skills over time and will implement custom skills for you.

We can implement the skills that you need for you. Please sign up for a free online-consultation: