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Student wanted: Implementing quality rules as open source

Please contact us if you are a student or professor of computer science, systems engineering or a related field, and are looking for an industry-focused topic for a Bachelor or Master thesis

The free version of Semiant allows you to perform a quality check of requirements. Currently, the capabilities of the quality checker are rather modest. We would like Semiant to to get much better. To this end, we would like to support the INCOSE rules for writing requirements. We selected Vale as the platform, which is an open source library for checking the quality of text.

We are open to publishing the resulting solution as open source.

This project would qualify for Google Summer of Code and similar programs. We support you in the application process.

We are looking for

  • A student who would like to do this as part of his bachelor or master thesis
  • A professor who would like to collaborate with us on this project (and ideally recruits the student for this effort).
  • Practitioners from industry who already collaborate with students (Werkstudenten / student trainees) and can provide the ability to provide a testing environment.

Scope of the work

The objective of the work should be: “The analysis of 41 INCOSE rules, as well as the implementation of part of these rules with Vale”.

Minimal Scope

The following would be a minimal scope and little more than a student research paper:

  • Analysis of the 41 rules in terms of implementability in Vale (fully implementable, partially implementable, or not implementable at all).
  • Implementation of the rules in Vale that are implementable or partially implementable.
  • Documentation on the deployment and configuration of the rules.

Full Scope (Thesis)

For a bachelor or master thesis, at least some of the following would also need to be considered:

  • Research of rulesets for requirements quality, and evaluation of INCOSE rules in the context of the rulesets found.
  • Research of software libraries for quality check, as well as the evaluation regarding the implementation of the INCOSE rules.
  • Extension of Vale (programming of plugins) to support the rules better than would be possible with configuration alone.
  • Study of the effectiveness of the quality checker, ideally with an industry user.

Nice to have

  • Implementation for German (in addition to English).
  • Active community building of the results