Semiant for Jama: Your Behind-The-Scenes Quality Assistant

Dear Jamanian,

I set up this page just for you. I am Michael Jastram, and I used to be a Jama Solutions Architect. Now I am a Jama partner, building Semiant. Semiant is a virtual quality assistant that makes Jama even better.

Semiant interacts with Jama through the REST API, but to the team, it feels like just another member: Modifying requirements, writing questions and issues in the collaboration stream, and more.

I would love your help! Can you…

  • Give me feedback on what capabilities would be useful to your customers
  • Provide me with your personal point of view
  • Get me in touch with customers* that need something like Semiant

* Regarding having me talk to customers: I am in alignment with Keith Johnson and Marc van den Pol. They are okay with me talking to customers, but of course should be in the loop. At the end of the day, we all have our customer’s benefit in mind.

This is just a landing page. You can find out about the latest developments on the Product Page. If you want to get updates, then please subscribe to the newsletter.


Michael Jastram