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Student wanted: Implementing quality rules as open source

Please contact us if you are a student or professor of computer science, systems engineering or a related field, and are looking for an industry-focused topic for a Bachelor or Master thesis

Glossary Partnerships

Semiant Partnership with invenio for Live Glossary Solution

With invenio, we built “Live Glossary”, an integrated solution consisting of services and tool that aligns your team’s language

Requirements Semiant Skill

Check Requirements Quality Everywhere With One Click

With Semiant a requirement quality check can be performed in any web application. The Vale quality check is now included for free.


Semiant Webinar: Accelerate Product Development With AI

June 29 (German) and June 30 (English), 2022

AI Partnerships

8 Ways How AI Will Transform Product Line Engineering (PLE)

With the rapid development and easy accessibility to powerful artificial intelligence (AI) techniques today, a valid question to ask is if it is feasible to use such techniques to pave the way to reduce the cost and effort in the process of operating Product Line Engineering (PLE). In this post we explore some of the possibilities of such a combination.

Requirements Semiant Skill

Check Requirements Quality with a Single Click

The new Holmes Requirements Quality Analysis is a new Semiant skill. It leverages the analysis engine from Qualicen.

Partnerships Requirements

Semiant partnering with Qualicen

Semiant and Qualicen GmbH are engaging in a strategic partnership. Qualicen is a leader in requirements quality analysis.


Benefit from MBSE, without MBSE

MBSE helps mastering complexity, but introducing it is a huge undertaking. AI can provide the benefits of MBSE without the team having to learn it.

Glossary Semiant

Work more efficiently with Semiant glossary browser extension

Learn how Semiant now allows you to merge public and private glossaries with the browser extension for more efficient work.

Semiant Traceability

What tools shall Semiant integrate with?

Integration is a key enabler for making Semiant useful. Please tell us which tools you would like to integrate with.